Talent Management and Development


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No. of mini-lessons 4

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Talent competitions are everywhere! Every time you turn on the TV, famous judges from the world of entertainment are critiquing acts or hailing them as “the next big thing.” But you don’t have to be famous to be able to manage talent

In business, a workforce with the correct “talents” is crucial to an organization’s success. Human resources departments are at the forefront of managing this. Whether it’s scouting out new talent or developing current talent within the business to better achieve goals, having a good talent management strategy is a must. 

What's covered

What talent management is

What are the business benefits of managing talent

How to create a successful talent-management strategy

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Why your teams need this course

A successful talent-management strategy will have a positive impact on your business, as it lets you employ, nurture, and further employees’ skills to help meet and even surpass targets. If you work in or manage an HR department, then building this strategy is up to you. This course will help you better understand what talent management is, and how to create the right strategy for your business.