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Course overview

“Performance management” – 2 words that strike fear into the hearts of many employees. That’s because, in the past, performance management focused on negatives, picking out underachievement and missed opportunities without working proactively to solve the issues that led to them.

HR departments are responsible for designing performance management processes. Doing so isn’t easy though, because methods are constantly evolving, and new trends emerge every year. Getting it wrong can leave employees feeling deflated and unmotivated, and managers frustrated with poor levels of performance. In order to maintain and improve performance, designing a process that’s beneficial to all is vital.

What's covered

What are the benefits of effective performance management

What role does HR play in the process

How to design and initiate performance management in your workplace

How to make processes effective and fair

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Why your teams need this course

If you work in or manage an HR department, you’ll play your part in performance management, whether initiating, monitoring, or mediating the process. This course will guide you through creating an effective process that motivates employees instead of leaving them feeling apprehensive. HR managers should pay close attention as it also offers advice on dealing with issues that may arise and methods for maintaining a fair process.

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