The Consequences of poor Health and Safety Practices


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Course overview

Have you ever had what you thought was a great idea for an office party, but you couldn’t make it happen because someone brought up a “possible health and safety issue” with your plan to launch fireworks from the roof? 

Boring, maybe. But safe. And sensible. There are many reasons why employers and managers need to take health and safety issues seriously. If they don’t, people might get injured or suffer illness. This course is all about the consequences of poor health and safety practices. It will cover the different ways businesses can be impacted, and offer guidance on how they can avoid these consequences by fulfilling their health and safety responsibilities.

What's covered

Consequences of poor health and safety practices

The potential legal ramifications of an accident or health and safety incident

Why your teams need this course

Employers and managers need to protect the health and safety of their staff, contractors, and members of the public affected by any work the business does. When they’re fully aware of the consequences that can result from failing to meet their responsibilities, they’ll understand exactly why health and safety in the workplace is a matter of utmost importance.

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