The Psychology of Learning


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Course overview

Does Pavlov’s Dog ring any bells? Professor Pavlov rang the bell, then fed the dog. Eventually, the dog made the connection. After that, every time the bell rang, the dog began to salivate.

Learning doesn’t just happen in laboratories, though. We are constantly learning, both in and outside of work. And that learning happens in different ways. Sometimes we’re conditioned, while others we learn by watching or interacting with someone else. Each type of learning has its place, whichever one we use.

What's covered

The psychology of learning

The different types of behavioral learning

How different learning theories can benefit your business

the psychology of learning online training course

Why your teams need this course

Whatever job you do, you’ll be learning new skills all the time, and you may even need to teach others new skills. Therefore, understanding the psychology of learning is useful.This course will look at what the psychology of learning is, the different types of behavioral learning, and different learning theories. It also covers the benefits of understanding the psychology of learning.

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