10 Recent TalentLMS Improvements You May Have Missed

talentlms_improvementsWith the introduction of the Marketplace and the Chrome Store integration, we missed the opportunity to formally introduce a number of new tools at the latest TalentLMS iteration.

The time has come!

Continue reading for an overview of 10 latest TalentLMS improvements that may be of interest.


1. Reporting Extensions for Admin Dashboard

We have revamped the Admin dashboard by including 3 modes of operation for the reporting section. You can choose between the Timeline, an Activity Graph and an Overview Panel.



2. Centralized Assignments View

Up to now, one had to move to individual courses to find pending assignments. Now, there is a dedicated central view for all pending assignments, accessible directly from the Instructor’s Dashboard.



3. Mass Actions for Branches & Groups

Ever wanted to assign a course to ALL Branches or Groups at once? It may be easy if you have 2-3 Branches but it turns to a headache if you have dozens. Such Mass actions are now possible. Simply, move to Branches or Groups overview and select the Mass actions option from the top-right of your screen.



4. “Sample” Units

Turn a unit to Sample and it will be directly accessible from the Course Catalog. Use Sample units as promotional content for your courses.



5. Redesigned Help & Support

Apart improved aesthetics the brand new support page offers tigh integration with Uservoice for issuing tickets and a downloadable product manual.



6. Persistent Filters

When having a lot of users (similarly branches or groups) it is often difficult to locate the information you need. Persistent filters can help considerable when you need to concentrate on specific segments of your users or data as they persist while you traverse the system.



7. Upvote Discussion Topics

It is now possible to Upvote (or Downvote) a Discussion topic. You may also order replies based on their quality based on Votes.



8. Grid Mode for Browsing Users

It is always better to put a face to a name. The new Grid mode for administering users, let you find the user you need in a more “illustrative” way.



9. 100% discount coupons

A popular request, 100% discount on coupons is now a reality. Give your courses for free to whoever deserves it.

10. Support for TinCan 0.95 & TinCan 1

We always offered support for TinCan API 0.9 – the version that Articulate uses. We now offer support for the latest iteration of TinCan as well.  This means that you can use TinCan content for any Authoring Tool that makes use of it.

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