Just launched: The TalentLMS 4.9 update is out
TalentLMS Features & Updates

Just launched: The TalentLMS 4.9 update is out

Adoption. Buy-in. Engagement. Call it what you want, but it’s one of the metrics we’re obsessed with improving. Why? Because for training to succeed, everyone must log in to their training platform and have a delightful experience. Without adoption, you can kiss other learning KPIs goodbye.

So in TalentLMS 4.9, we focused on a few mighty features that improve the overall learning experience. Instructors and admins get:

  • a better way to manage when courses are rolled out
  • an integration with Zoom Webinars to host larger instructor-led trainings
  • an easier way to track progress at a unit level.

Let’s see what you can do with TalentLMS 4.9:

Course scheduling: Start with a start date

The benefits of self-paced learning are in the name: learners decide when they have the time to learn. This freedom can get dicey for admins and instructors because your job is to ensure that your learners stick to some schedule.

In this update, you can now set a start date for a course. Setting a start date means that access to a course opens on your specified day. Learners only have access to the course once it’s opened, regardless of when they enrolled.

For example, we set a course to start on September 20, 2021. Learners enrolled in the course before this date can only access the course material on September 20. Learners enrolled in the course after September 20 will have access to the material immediately.

By combining a start date with existing features like an expiration date or time limit, instructors have even more control over course management.

Now, learners have a clearer picture of upcoming training and can fit it into their schedule.

Learn more about how to schedule a course with a start date.

New collections just launched in TalentLibrary™
Presentation Skills, Emotional Intelligence,
Workplace Housekeeping, Personal Finances, and more

New Report: Welcome the Unit matrix

We launched the Training matrix a while back, a great tool to see course progress from a single page. In this update, we’re taking it a step further — say hello to the Unit matrix.

TalentLMS 4.9 update: Unit matrix

With the Unit matrix, you can track a unit’s progress by a user, group, or branch. More specifically, you can see whether learners have started a unit, how they’re progressing, and whether they’ve completed the unit or not passed it.

By selecting a specific cell, you see additional info on a user’s progress: enrollment date, time spent in the unit, score, and the date they completed the unit.

Learn how to work with the Unit matrix.

Zooming in: Webinars

Webinars are inarguably essential learning tools in a trainer’s toolbox. Now, in addition to Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Teams, BigBlueButton, and the GoTo suite, we’ve added an integration with Zoom Webinar.

This integration means instructors can use all the standard Zoom Webinar features, including:

  • Hosting larger groups of people in a single event (compared to Zoom Meeting)
  • Setting up rooms
  • Having better control over participant interaction and interruptions
  • Getting reports on webinar registration and attendance through exportable CSV files

Additionally, Zoom Webinars have interactive elements that will help you create even better learning experiences (e.g., raise hands, respond to polls and participate in Q&As.)

Learn more about integrating with Zoom Webinar.

Bonus: Video poster images and improvements in SCORM reports

You can now select a custom poster image for the videos you upload to TalentLMS. The poster image acts as the thumbnail and only disappears when the learner hits play.

Learn how to choose a thumbnail for uploaded videos.

You now can edit questions and answers in SCORM reports (including TalentLibrary reports), making the info much easier to read.

Learn how to edit SCORM reports.

See the official Release notes for more details on new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

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