5 TalentLMS myths busted
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5 TalentLMS myths busted

From the Labors of Hercules to the shape-shifting Proteus and Jason’s golden fleece (eat your heart out, Kanye), the Ancient Greeks sure gave us a whole range of great myths.

As for the modern Greeks, well, they might have been lacking in the myth department, but they did give us TalentLMS — which, besides attracting a devoted user base as an eLearning and Talent Development platform for the enterprise, it has also inspired a few myths itself.

Now, in our myth-busting posts we have usually found ourselves concerned with general corporate training and eLearning industry myths, but not this time. For in this post we are gonna tackle the lore that surrounds you favorite LMS.

Are you ready to bust some myths?

1) TalentLMS is just for enterprise training, right?

No, wrong.

While it’s true that TalentLMS is especially good at enterprise training, it’s also a great fit for all kinds of organizations beyond your typical enterprise (from NGOs, charities, and mass media to the public sector — including the army).

On top of that, TalentLMS is also great as the basis for a commercial eLearning offering and has all the features you’d expect to that end, from support for several payment processors and marketplaces to subscriptions and bundle pricing.

2) TalentLMS is just for small/big businesses

Well, it depends. Do you find companies with annual revenue close to €2 billion EUR like Delonghi, small? How about even bigger names, like LG, Panera Bread, Harper Collins, Zalora, ACL, and Infosys, to name but a few TalentLMS-using companies across several sectors?

And of course, we have tons of small and medium businesses (from 5 people to several hundreds of people) that have been devoted TalentLMS users for years.

So it kind of covers both extremes, as well as the middle. And it’s not so much that TalentLMS is “one size fits all”, as that it’s available in many sizes, to begin with. After all, there are several Cloud plans available, ranging from the free 5-user tier to the “Premium Unlimited” plan (plus the custom plans that are tailored to particular big customer needs).

This pricing flexibility, plus TalentLMS’ ability to fit with different sizes and varieties of corporate, government and nonprofit organizational structures (thanks to features like Branches, custom User Types, and Audiences) make it a platform that works well regardless of deployment scale.

5 TalentLMS Myths Busted – TalentLMS Blog

3) TalentLMS is expensive

This myth is kind of a derivative myth based on the previous one. After all, if TalentLMS is mainly used by big businesses, then it should be hella expensive.

Fortunately, that myth is easy to shoot down.

Just take a look at TalentLMS’ plans which start from free and go to $379/month for the largest non-bespoke plan (and if you’re the kind of company that has as many users to train as the largest plan allows, then $349 is pocket change for you anyway — amounting to less than a dollar per employee per month).

4) TalentLMS is “too simple”

This is another misconception some users have because they see TalentLMS lauded (and, well, awarded, if we may toot our own horns) for its ease of use.

Not that there would be anything wrong with TalentLMS being simple, but these people take “simple” to mean that TalentLMS is short on features and perhaps aimed at more simplistic use cases. Which is absolutely not the case.

Just because TalentLMS tries to make things easy, and doesn’t make the user read a hefty manual to be able to use it, doesn’t mean it skimps on features.

If anything, it’s the opposite: barring some very niche needs, everything a business, big or small, would ask for in an eLearning management platform is available: Blended Learning, Gamification, Certifications, Reports, Videoconference, eCommerce, Single Sign-on, a Courses Marketplace, REST API, Branching, Surveys & Assessments, Test engine, Content Editing, SCORM/Tin-Can compatibility, Internationalization, custom themes — and more.

Plus, there are integrations with thousands of third party services and software, either natively or through Zapier.

Another myth that should be put to rest then:

5) TalentLMS is for web-based eLearning only

Well, it used to be — back in the day. But as they say in the states “that was then, and this is now”.

Since then TalentLMS has released its official, fully native TalentLMS clients for both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android mobile OSs.

What’s more, the new native mobile clients don’t just give users the ability to learn on the go but have been optimized for the small(er) screen with an extra focus on micro-learning and micro-certifications.

They even work offline and are smart enough to sync the learner’s progress with their main Cloud-based TalentLMS account when they are back online.


In a small detour from our usual corporate training and eLearning industry myth-busting, in this post, we had a look at 5 pesky myths concerning TalentLMS itself.

And since TalentLMS allows you to open a free account in minutes, you don’t have to take our word for it. By all means, take the platform for a test drive and verify this post for yourself.

Now, please excuse us, we’re off on another myth-busting expedition. You’ll find out why soon enough!

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