The future of L&D: Top eLearning trends for 2024

The future of L&D: Top eLearning trends for 2024

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In retrospect, the past year has profoundly reshaped the landscape of global work and learning.

Picture this: soaring living costs, the rise of AI, toxic workplaces, and economic acrobatics—2023 had it all. These seismic shifts impacted us personally and professionally, sending shockwaves through the way we approach life and work.

As we prepare for the exciting journey that awaits in 2024, let’s delve into a preview of the dynamic eLearning trends that will illuminate the horizon of L&D.

Fasten your seatbelts for an intriguing ride ahead.

7 training trends to watch out for in 2024

This year’s biggest L&D trends are a reflection of the changes in working practices and advancements in technology that 2023 brought. They focus on new skills, new career paths, and a new view of the workplace.

Some of the trends included in this list aren’t exactly new concepts. But we’ll explain why we predict they’re going to be more widely adopted and become more popular this year.

The future of L&D: Top eLearning trends for 2024

With that said, let’s take a look at the top eLearning trends for 2024:

1. Focusing on digital skills

Urgent digital literacy is essential as technology advances rapidly, spurred by the shift to remote and hybrid work models. But digital transformation is no cakewalk.

While organizations are still adapting to new tech, requiring employee training, digital skills are now non-negotiable.

In 2024, the focus will expand beyond digital literacy to include AI-related skills. Employees and leaders invest in both understanding and applying technology effectively. With most business operations online, cybersecurity training is still a top priority for 2024. But there’s an emphasis on AI-related skills for navigating the digital landscape comprehensively. In fact, 85% of HR managers plan some kind of L&D investment for training employees on AI.

2. Boosting soft skills

Another significant trend takes center stage in 2024—the spotlight on soft skills. With AI seamlessly automating routine tasks, workplaces are witnessing efficiency translating to robot-like processes. And this is why there’s an increasing demand for distinctly “human” attributes. 65% of HR managers think interpersonal, cognitive, and digital skills will be crucial for succeeding in the AI era.

Soft skills (emotional intelligence, effective communication, adaptability, teamwork, etc.) are gaining prominence as critical assets. These skills complement automated processes and are indispensable in navigating the complexities of human interactions in professional settings.

In fact, according to LinkedIn’s list of important soft skills, management and communication are at the forefront. Despite common misconceptions that soft skills are innate, the good news is that soft skills can be honed and cultivated through training. This is why in 2024, training efforts will definitely focus on boosting employees’ soft skills.

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3. Turning the shift to non-linear careers

At the same time, the hiring landscape is undergoing transformation. Companies are starting to look beyond work experience and certifications. Employers recognize the pivotal role of soft skills in shaping a positive work culture and fostering innovation. In the competitive job market of 2024, candidates are not evaluated only for their tech proficiency and hard skills. They’re mainly evaluated based on their ability to communicate, problem-solve, and collaborate. So, hiring practices are becoming more holistic and attuned to the demands of the evolving workplace. And this is why employees need to build the right skills that will positively impact team dynamics and overall success.

Rusty Rueff claims that “using a college education as the go-no-go decision validator is just lazy.” This is why the shift is now on embracing the non-linear career. It leads to diversity. And hiring based on skills helps achieve this diversity.

Rasty Reuff on non-linear career

4. Upskilling and reskilling employees

In 2024, eLearning is buzzing with a focus on upskilling and reskilling. Helping people learn new things or adapt their skills. Why? Because AI and technology are changing how jobs are being executed. And many traditional skills might not be enough. About 58% of HR professionals are investing in upskilling/reskilling initiatives to tackle the skills gap caused by AI. They’re investing in tools that teach employees how to work with AI, making sure everyone (and we mean it—everyone) can handle the changes in their jobs.

Upskilling and reskilling empower individuals with the skills they need to navigate evolving job requirements (and pursue a non-linear career path). Whether it’s adapting to AI-driven roles, or just staying ahead in a dynamic work environment, this eLearning trend is a strategic move. It responds to the evolving demands of the digital era by ensuring individuals are equipped with the knowledge and abilities essential for success.

6. Becoming more accessible and adaptable

Among other eLearning trends for 2024, two big things are shaping how people learn. Accessibility and adaptability. First off, accessibility means making sure online courses work for everyone. It’s about designing lessons that suit different learning styles so no one feels left out. This includes adding features like closed captions, making it easier for people with diverse abilities and backgrounds to learn.

Now, adaptability is about keeping up with the rapid changes in jobs and technology. The world is moving quickly, and so should eLearning. Training courses need to be able to change and update easily to match what’s happening in industries. Whether it’s adjusting to different devices or staying on top of new trends and technologies, learning will be all about being accessible to everyone and keeping up with the speed of change.

It’s not just training that is about becoming more adaptable. Managers seek agile and adaptable team members, especially as AI plays a larger role in businesses. About 60% of managers value self-management as a crucial skill due to the anticipated changes in the future. Training initiatives should also focus on fostering adaptability in employees.

7. Reacting to toxic workplace behaviors

A noticeable eLearning trend for 2024 is emerging, as people and companies realize the need to tackle toxic workplace behaviors. The shift is driven by understanding how harmful behaviors (i.e., bullying, discrimination, harassment, etc.) negatively impact employee wellbeing and productivity. Nearly half (46%) of employees in the software industry experience burnout due to a toxic workplace environment.

Plus, 48% of employees in tech companies support that training plays a crucial role in cultivating a more positive work environment. They are no longer willing to tolerate toxicity at work. So, organizations are starting to value more and more the importance of training programs to eliminate toxicity. These training programs equip employees and leadership with the skills to identify, address, and prevent toxic behaviors. By emphasizing the importance of communication, empathy, and mutual respect, companies aim to create healthier workplaces where everyone feels valued and supported.

In 2024, eLearning trends use training as a proactive measure to eliminate workplace toxicity in gaining momentum. A commitment to building positive and inclusive workplaces is one of the main goals of the future year.

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L&D for this year—and beyond

Get ready for the eLearning trends of 2024. This journey is full of exciting opportunities.

From upskilling for the AI era to embracing adaptability, this year is all about making learning a thrilling experience. Organizations are on a mission: conquering challenges and putting the spotlight on those super-important skills of modern workplaces.

It’s not just about training; it’s about turning every learner into a workplace superhero. With accessibility as the main guide and adaptability as the partner, organizations aren’t just keeping up. They’re leading the charge into a future where learning is dynamic, inclusive, and mind-blowing.

Get set, and go for the eLearning revolution of 2024—an adventure waiting to unfold!

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