FREE eBook: eLearning 101 – basic how-to, tips and in-depth analysis

free eBook FeatureWith the help of our creative counterpart at eFront we created a FREE eLearning eBook, on everything anyone needs to know about eLearning!
In this eBook you get to read about hot topics, best practices, and other information ranging from the very essentials to the very important specifics.

For those new to eLearning, the first chapters are dedicated to the history and basics of eLearning, topics essential to anyone who wants a good understanding of the Online Learning concept, as well as how it’s done.

For those who want some deeper understanding of eLearning concepts and specific information on how to create engaging content, or simply get the most out of your course, the eBook is rich in information on the latest eLearning trends such as gamification, microlearning, blended learning etc, as well as the applications of eLearning in the business environment and its potential in corporate training.

Dive right into it, whether you are new to the scene, or simply want to enrich your knowledge with some new information and tips!

This eBook will be subject to updates, so if you have anything you would like to see in the table of contents, please let us know!


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