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Hitchhiker’s guide to the elearning galaxy

Hitchhiker’s guide to the elearning galaxy We use a famous book title for our latest blogpost, which will hopefully become a good reference point for all eLearning “newcomers”. Our purpose is to put together elearning resources useful to anyone who wishes to enter the business or for people who are “just in…”. Of course, it is impossible to get all types and different kinds of resources in a single blogpost. We chose useful resources from 3 categories in order to provide you with a useful starting reference point

The categories are:

  • News/Opinion leading articles/Industry insights
  • Context Management and Content authoring sources
  • Marketing/Sales info


1. Resources for News/Opinion leading eLearning articles/Industry insights

Websites with news and knowledge sharing usually have also interesting opinion leading articles and important industry insights that help you find out all you need about the industry. Also, most of them have content, directories or useful links.


2. Resources for context management and content authoring


Content Authoring Tool

Free and Open Source Authoring Tools


Free music for courses


Free image libraries


Text to Speech Conversion




Free storyboards


3. Marketing/Sales resources


Like we said in the beginning of this post, this is not a complete directory. It is a short reference point for the newcomer in the industry. Please feel free to contribute to this post by sending links with useful resources.

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