The talent behind TalentLMS – A chat with TalentLMS’ Account Manager
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The talent behind TalentLMS – A chat with TalentLMS’ Account Manager

Who doesn’t love going behind the scenes, meeting the movers and shakers?

We know you loved our “talent behind TalentLMS” series, so here’s the second part – with a lot more to come. Let us present TalentLMS’ Account Manager, Lisa Vayvalako.

Please introduce yourself to our readers. What’s your name and general background?

I am Lisa Vayvalako. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, to amazing parents of Armenian descent who had a strong case of wanderlust. After living in Germany for 15 years, they decided to move to the USA, but not before giving birth to me in one of the oldest cities in the world. I obtained all of my education in America until the tender age of 20, when I slowly felt the urge to travel and explore creep up on me. And you can’t fight genes, can you? So travel I did, and I was lucky enough to live in multiple countries.

You are an Account Manager with TalentLMS. What does your role entail?

I help distribute TalentLMS globally and strive to meet and exceed corporate goals, by providing solutions with exceptional customer service.

What TalentLMS features do you think are most important in attracting new customers?

I think the platform as a whole is what makes the product sell. I just add my giddy American twist when explaining what the product entails, through my demonstrations and overview of the product.  Having a young and dynamic marketing team also helps us present the product in the most up-to-date and efficient way.

Likewise, which TalentLMS qualities do you think play an important role in customer retention?

I am always pleased with our need to evolve. I must say that we have quite an impressive team working towards multiple goals at any given moment. The fact that we try to outdo ourselves by constantly improving the product with updates based on customer inquiries and suggestions helps a great deal, not only to obtain new customers but to keep the relationships with existing clients strong.

What do you love the most about TalentLMS?

Our Customer Service. I personally think we are very dedicated to helping our clients by not treating them as a ticket inquiry, but as actual people. Also, it’s great to attend yearly exhibitions and put a face to the people we work with through phone and email.

How important is customer feedback in what you do? Do you have some specific unexpected/funny/insightful story to share about this?

Customer feedback is a crucial element in what we do. As mentioned, it’s great to hear insights on what we can improve. I’ve had all sort of suggestions, ranging from humble feature requests to the idea of implementing CGI holograms that can be projected from our portal.

How do you like working in the online learning industry in general and what do you love about working for Epignosis in particular?

Speaking four languages fluently helps me communicate on a global range. Its always satisfying to be able to speak the native language of a client, especially of those who are not fluent in English. The online learning industry definitely has its merits. I believe that eLearning is a great tool to ease basic tasks.

Working for Epignosis, in particular, is a pretty rewarding experience. We have an open door policy and work with strong leaders who are here to help us excel in what we do. There is no intimidation or hierarchy. Everyone helps each other and there is no such thing as a wrong question. Working in an environment where there is constant support  to grow and achieve more eliminates competition in the workplace.

If you could work in any other position in TalentLMS, which one would it be and why?

The Receptionist. She gets free pizza.

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