12+1 TalentLMS customizations that will improve your users’ eLearning experience
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12+1 TalentLMS customizations that will improve your users’ eLearning experience

Branding is undoubtedly one of the most important marketing tools a company can possess and keeping things consistent is one of the keys to its successful use.

Consistency, in fact, should run throughout everything associated with the brand, both internally and externally. Whether you are developing custom eLearning courses to train your employees, your clients or teach your learners, it is equally important that your brand is conveyed in a consistent manner.

TalentLMS understands how important it is for your learning portal to match your visual identity and general branding (down to the tone of your communications), and it gives you several customization options to help you achieve just that.

(note: most of the tips below assume that you are logged in as an administrator).

1)  Upload your own custom Logo & Favicon

Aside from its name, few things are more associated with your company’s brand than your corporate logo.

Having your TalentLMS-based eLearning portal sport your logo is as easy as it gets. You just need to go to “Account & Settings” page, and upload your image.

You also get to upload your own favicon (which is that tiny icon thingy that appears on browser location bars and bookmark listings when one visits your site).


2) Customize the colors of your portal

For larger businesses, and for well organized smaller ones, branding comes with a palette of official corporate colors meant to be featured on the company’s website, advertising, packaging, business cards and stationary, and generally all kinds of design output.

Smaller businesses might not have such detailed branding guidelines, but they could also benefit from a consistent image when it comes to color, e.g. by picking a number of colors that are featured in their logo, or that go well with it.

As for applying your brand colors to your TalentLMS portal, just go to the “Account & Settings” page, and either select a theme from the list of themes that already matches your color scheme, or create your own custom theme by changing the colors of each visual element on your portal.


3) Set the tone (and the language)

talentlms customizations_languagesAs expected from a product catering to the international market, TalentLMS lets you easily change the language of your portal, with built-in language packs covering 15 different languages, and the ability to add your own language packs.

It doesn’t stop there, though, as it also allows you to dig in and change the wording of any default heading and UI text, to match your brand’s tone of voice — whether you prefer enterprise-y, casual or anything between.


4) Customize your homepage

talentlms customizations_your-homepageYour TalentLMS homepage is where your learners first come into contact with your learning portal — and also where they login each day to get an overall view of their courses, planned activities and scheduled events.

TalentLMS allows you to customize your homepage in all kinds of ways. You can upload your own banner image, set your custom message or company motto, featured  courses, and create your own customized menu and links.

You can take advantage of this feature to advertise specific courses, provide quick access to the most common functionality, link to FAQ pages or other parts of your website, etc.

Watch this video for more details:

For more white labeling options in TalentLMS, have a look here.

5) Keep everybody in the loop

Whether you want to inform learners about upcoming webinars, advertise a new course or simply wish them “Happy Holidays”, TalentLMS has you covered.

From Account & Settings -> Basic Settings -> Announcement, you can set an announcement that can be visible on your homepage to anybody visiting your eLearning portal (“external”) and/or shown when a student has signed in (“internal”).


6) Customize your course content

If you’re selling courses, then your course catalogue is the virtual equivalent of a physical storefront — you want it to look pretty. And even if you’re running an internal corporate training program, it won’t hurt to make your courses more appealing to your internal users.

TalentLMS lets you set a custom image for each course, which will displayed next to the course’s name and details in the course catalogue. To do that, you can simply select the desired image from the image upload box on the Course settings page. TalentLMS accepts the most common image formats, but your image has to be at most 3MB, so we suggest a compressed format such as JPEG.

If you want to get even fancier, you can customize the look of the text content within your lesson units — e.g. to use a “funnier” (sic) font for courses intended for smaller children, or to use specific fonts or colors to highlight important passages, etc. You can do that from the content editor, using the top bar to change the font, color and other text attributes.


7) Branch out

talentlms customizations_segment-your-learning-environmentDo you work in a larger enterprise and have a need to train different departments and/or different clients? Perhaps your company has multiple facilities, in different cities, or even countries?

No problem. With it’s “Branches” feature, TalentLMS allows you to create as many separate training portals as you like, each with its own logo, theme, homepage, language, timezone, and other settings. You still get total central control over all of them, as well as the ability to share course content and perform mass actions across all of them.

You can get started with Branches in no time following our handy video guide:


8) Custom certificates

talentlms customizations_issue-certificationsCertificates are a sort of proof of completion, a type of “degree”, that you give to learners who have successfully completed one or more training courses.

While TalentLMS already comes in with several certificate styles, from formal elegance, to utilitarian minimalism, it also lets you customize the design of your certificates by uploading your own logo, background and text.

As for documentation on this, we have not just one, but two easy-to-follow guides to guide you all the way to the perfect looking certificate.


9) Get your game on

talentlms customizations_gamify-the-learner-experienceGamification is a great way to motivate and engage learners and get their competitive spirits up.

TalentLMS not only offers that, but goes beyond standard gamification features by offering a fully customizable engine — so that you can configure your gamification experience to be as light or as heavy as you want it.

Learn how to configure TalentLMS’ gamification options, from fine-tuning its point system to uploading your own custom badges here and here.


10) Customize almost any element of your portal using CSS

talentlms customizations_your-themeHave a specific design in mind for your eLearning portal? Don’t particularly like a default style? CSS to the rescue.

CSS (short for Cascading Style Sheets) is a powerful HTML technology that allows you to change all (visual) aspects of your TalentLMS portal, from font colors and sizes, to background images. TalentLMS already comes with a default CSS style, and you can override all or parts of it to your heart’s content.

If you’re already familiar with CSS, the possibilities are nearly endless. And if you’re not, it’s easy enough to get started, with our handy guides:

1) How to discover and change the CSS of any element

2) How to customize your fonts

3) How to add a custom background image to your portal

4) CSS Hacks: Supercharge Your Portal (Cheatsheet)


11) Be the king of your own domain

TalentLMS customizations_your-themeTalentLMS offers automatic subdomain mapping for all our hosted eLearning portals, giving you your own company_name.talentlms.com.

While this might be enough for internal use, you’ll probably want to be able to use your own domain name for anything public facing. Which you can, armed with our handy domain mapping guide.


12) Customize notifications

TalentLMS has a powerful notifications system, allowing you to notify your users when some specific event happens (e.g. when they have successfully registered to a course, have to retake a test, etc.).

The notifications are highly customizable too, letting you choose which events will trigger notifications, as well as the exact wording of any message sent to the users. Here’s an in-depth guide to using the notifications system.


13) Add Live chat

TalentLMS customizations_live-chatTalentLMS offers a number of built-in integrations, and quite a few more through the Zapier meta-integration service. But you can also extend TalentLMS’ functionality using Javascript code that loads external services.

One of such external services that can really improve your users’ learning experience is Zopim, which adds a handy “live chat” widget that lets you engage with and assist your learners in real time. Learn more about adding Zopim’s Live Chat widget to TalentLMS here.


In this post we’ve examined 12+1 (that’s 13, for those of you that don’t believe in superstitions) TalentLMS customizations that will reinforce your branding and improve your users’ learning experience. Of course, with TalentLMS’ flexibility and breadth of customization options they could just as well have been 23 or 103.

Do you have any particular TalentLMS customization tips that you’re particularly fond of? Share them with your fellow TalentLMS users in the comments section below — and let us know if there’s some particular option you’d like to see.

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