TalentLMS for Android is finally arriving. Help us test it!
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TalentLMS for Android is finally arriving. Help us test it!

We have always been strong believers in the web, and in the freedom that web apps give users. The freedom of rich cross-platform applications, that are low maintenance and accessible from every device with a browser. And we’ve shown our support for this philosophy with all our products.

Just like the web, though, mobile devices and native mobile apps are here to stay too.

And while we’ve always offered first-class mobile web access to TalentLMS (courtesy of a fully responsive user interface), we’ve found that a native mobile application can have several advantages over this approach.

Part of it is because mobile web browsers still have a lot of catching up to do. Running on devices with less memory and slower CPUs, and supporting fewer HTML5 APIs, mobile web apps just don’t offer the same speed and experience as their desktop counterparts.

Sure, for most mobile web applications it’s good enough. But for the TalentLMS team, good enough have never been enough.

That’s why investing in TalentLMS’ mobile experience and offering a fully native version of your favorite corporate LMS is part of our vision for the future of the platform.

We have already delivered on this vision for our iOS customers a few months ago.

Now, the time has finally come for our Android-using brothers and sisters to share in on the excitement.

It’s not that we neglected your favorite mobile platform either (after all, a ton of us here are hardcore Android fans too). We have actually been working on TalentLMS for Android from the start — we just needed more time to get it to work because of all the different Android devices and configurations out there.

It’s a slight drawback from having so many choices in the Android world. Whereas we had to test at most 10 different iOS devices (and all made by the same company and with similar specs), there are literally hundreds of Android devices and several OEM customized versions of the Android OS to test on.

Not that this would prevent our Chuck Norris-caliber mobile developers from delivering the goods — it just delayed them a little.

We’re almost done however, and TalentLMS for Android is coming along nicely.

So nicely, in fact, that we have already been beta testing the application in our labs, and we’re ready to bring in the best beta testers we know: actual TalentLMS users.

Just sign up here and you’ll get access to beta releases of TalentLMS for Android before everybody else.

If you are a TalentLMS customer, you are more than welcome to join the public beta test program and help us squash any potential issues from TalentLMS for Android!

The beta testing program is for TalentLMS users only, but if you are not one, you can always sign up for a TalentLMS account here.

We are very excited with how TalentLMS for Android turned out, and we are certain that you will be too when you get to play with it, whether as part of the beta program or after its official release.

It is due to our commitment to usability and perfecting User Experience that we ask for your help with this, and hope it’s not an imposition but rather, an exciting glimpse into a new part of our joint eLearning lives.

We want to give you the features you need, so take our TalentLMS for Android app for a spin and let us know what you think!

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