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Test additions, Sections, Gravatars, SCORM reports and more…

Test additions, Sections, Gravatars, SCORM reports and more_TalentLMSTests engine

We have plenty of love for the Tests engine in this update. Actually, so much that we decided to create a short video  to discuss many of the new additions.
This update brings two new types of questions (Drag-&-drop and Ordering) together with a Feedback mode for tests. We have crafted Drag-&-drop and Ordering questions to work on mobile devices. Give them a try on your IOS or Android device!
In Feedback mode you need to answer a question correctly in order to move on. TalentLMS will show the question feedback whenever a wrong answer is chosen to help the end-user complete the task.

There are plenty of other subtle improvements like an option to move to the next/previous question or an overview of the given answers even when someone fails a test.
Drag-and-drop example_TalentLMS
Got courses with many units? Need a way to organize them better? Now you can use Sections to group Units into logical entities.
Sections example_TalentLMS
CSSFor the advanced users we now offer the ability to manipulate the CSS of your TalentLMS domain directly. You can access this option from “Account & Settings->Themes” and then the “Additional CSS” option beneath the “Update Theme” button. As an example you could use the following CSS to produce a nice background result:

.tl-body { background-image:url(‘http://i40.tinypic.com/333fk0g.jpg’); opacity:0.85; }
div.readability { background-color:#ffffff; padding:5px; opacity:0.9;}

A talentlms domain with a background image_TalentLMS


Whenever a new user registers, we now check against a service called Gravatar for his avatar. Gravatars are being used by sites like WordPress and Zendesk; they are a universal way to share your avatar across web-sites. You can always upload a new avatar if you want to.


SCORM reports

This update includes a new type of report: SCORM Reports. You could already see reports for SCORM Quizzes,  however in many cases SCORM includes mixed content that can be treated either as pure Content or Quiz.  To overcome this problem we decided to separate the reporting for SCORM objects. If you are using SCORM then this will come in handy!

Fine tuning

There are plenty of subtle functionality & usability improvements in this update – from Course shortcuts for the instructor, pure branding on paid accounts (we removed the Powered by TalentLMS from the footer) and  speed optimizations (we reduced the product’s bandwidth utilization by 50% – this translates to faster browsing speed).
Course shortcuts example_TalentLMS

Until next time – have fun and keep learning!

  • Great to have the possibility of adding sections.

    Could I make a suggestion that this is expanded to include “sections within sections”.

    For example, I have a course split first into modules, and then into units within those modules. So it goes something like:

    MODULE 1
    Unit 1
    – Content
    – Content
    Unit 2
    – Content
    – Content

    MODULE 2
    Unit 3
    – Content
    – Content
    Unit 4
    – Content
    – Content

    At the moment I’m using the sections for the Units, The only way I can indicate that these are in modules is by adding another section just before Unit 1, entitled Module 1. The problem with this is that it has the same styling and format as the Unit 1 section title, so it just looks like an empty section.