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Working with tests and surveys at TalentLMS

 Working with tests and surveys at TalentLMSTalentLMS includes a powerful, yet simple, assessments and surveys engine at your service. This tutorial will give you an overview of their basic functionality and will help you take over and decide on the testing strategy that best fits your course plans and your learners needs.

Follow the guidelines and tips and you will come up with a lot of interesting solutions for tests and surveys at TalentLMS. After all, this is a fundamental issue in elearning.

Assessing learners is not only important for them but also for you, in order to make sure you are on the right learning paths. Continuous bad results from learners should always sound an alarm to your methods and principles.

Tip: While building a test or survey for yourself, make sure you repeat this process every time you have a new group of learners. Especially if they have a completely different national of education background. Different people have different needs . No matter how good a course is it is certain that it does not apply to everyone.

Also, you can use survey results in order to build statistics. They can be very useful feedback for your teaching purposes.

  • André Rombauts

    Nice. Nice interface, clean, clear.
    But so far I see only 2 types of questions available for tests. Or I’m missing something…

    • We do work on Ordering and Drag-and-drop questions for the next minor release. Stay tuned!

  • Romain Poncet

    And how and where are we supposed to see the aggregated results of the survey?

    • papagel

      As admin, move to Reports->Surveys and select the Survey you want.
      There are a few tabs there that offers detailed info on individual replies or an overview of Survey results. You can also, export the results to further analyze them in EXCEL format.

  • Arden Shackelford

    The video that goes through this is no longer available. Is this due to changes in the LMS and a new tutorial being created?