Top 5 features for LMS users

Having already discussed the important features an LMS must cover in order to provide the administratorTop 5 features for lms users with a seamless and intuitive experience, it’s time to discuss the features that cater to the learner. Learners come in all sizes shapes and flavors; they are new, they are experienced, they are demanding, in need of guidance or simply in total control of everything.

They want to be treated fairly and given equal opportunities to learn. In an eLearning system, the trust an instructor has with the learners in a physical classroom is not present. The instructor has to come up with ways to engage learners and create that sense of trust and community in order to bridge the gap.

Below are the top 5 features for LMS users:

1. Learning curve: steep or gradual?
It doesn’t take long before you realize “You’ve got this!”. As online services strive to be as intuitive and easy-to-understand as possible, an LMS should be no different. If your LMS is a platform you can understand to the point where navigating through content, completing tests and submitting assignments is an effortless task, then you’re home.

2. Mobile LMS
The whole point of eLearning is mobility and the freedom to arrange your studying habits in the manner best suited to your lifestyle. A good LMS should have a responsive design, meaning that it should change depending on the device you are using it through, in order to accommodate the appropriate viewing modes, resolutions and other features that assist in the use of other devices like tablets and smartphones.

3. Community features
This question is rather subjective because it is not always only up to the system to accommodate such a feature. This is part-LMS part-Instructor, and even in the cases of a platform that offers social features like Discussion forums, chat plugins etc. it is up to the instructor to engage with his learners in order LMS features your online training software should support for greater learner experiences.

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