Wrapping Up 2016
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Wrapping Up 2016

Wishes for a merry, funny, happy, crazy new year to everyone!

For the second year in a row, we are sharing an update on how things are progressing around here. As a company, we try to be as transparent as possible. And we really have little to hide as we often celebrate the good and the bad experiences we encounter.

So, here is the gist of 2016: during the last 12 months we experienced steady growth in all metrics including customers, revenue, and people. It was a superb but challenging year, by all means.

Now let’s delve into the details!

The products

Our holistic products approach includes 3 different learning tools that aim to help modern organizations train their people better, faster and cheaper. Depending on your situation you might find that one (or a combination) of the provided offerings cover your needs.


Our flagship cloud LMS has gone through 4 major updates that introduced (among many, many others), infographic reports, native support for Shopify, native mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, massively improved custom reports and linked units.

Overall, TalentLMS is now 50000 domains strong and grows at a pace of 1700 domains per month.


Within the last year, we repositioned eFront as an LMS+, a product with extensive talent management features.

Feature-wise, the product had its own share of important improvements that include support for H5P (the emerging standard for interactive content creation), support for FoxyCart (which means that you can accept payments on eFront via literally hundreds of different payment gateways), an advanced skill-gap test engine, support for 2-factor authentication together with a wealth of additional security features, a flexible content versioning system and a native mobile app for Android.

During 2017 we will keep adding important features. We are also heavily investing in improving the usability and aesthetics of our two LMS products.


As you may know, we are huge fans of mobile learning. Evidently, in the past, we have introduced a microlearning app called Snappico. Building on that idea, we will launch during 2017 a new product, named TalentCards, a fast-paced, easily-digestible, card-based mobile learning tool for the enterprise.

TalentCards will be a mobile-only, customizable learning solution to micro-train and certify massive numbers of learners on simple topics. We consider it a part of our family of learning tools for organizations of all sizes, around the globe.

The people

There seem to be more and more people walking around here! Last year alone the team increased by 30% and we plan to keep hiring for next year as well. If you want to learn a bit more about our team you can read interviews of Maria, Sofia, Manolis, George, Lisa and Elena. And if you want to become part of a highly ambitious, fast-growing team please feel free to apply for our open positions.

The awards

We were honored with a number of awards this year. Many actually. You can read about them here and here.

The tools

In a post earlier this year we collected all the tools we use to build our products, together with our experience with them. It is an interesting read, especially if you are looking for making your life easier.

The support

TalentLMS had an explosive year and that is evident on the support front as well. This year we received 15971 support tickets, up 90% from the previous period. Still, we managed to reduce the average wait time for first answer by 28.5% and we plan to further improve.

Within 2016 we extended the support hours from 8/5 to 12/5+ (if you are wondering about the plus sign, we now offer support on Saturdays). Additionally, for bigger accounts, we introduced a customer success manager that acts as an intermediate between you and everything TalentLMS-related. This offers a more personalized touch, better onboarding and an overall increased success rate for your eLearning activities.

Keep in mind that we do not outsource our support operations, as we consider timely and in-depth help to be a cornerstone ingredient of our offering. Superb support cannot be sustained when the support people are not an integral part of the core team.

Regarding eFront, the support highlight of the year was the brand new knowledge portal that can be easily integrated into the platform as well.

The content

We heavily invest in an inbound strategy as the best way forward. Last year alone we produced over 200 content pieces for our 2 blogs, dozens of videos and many additional items, like the newly introduced cheatsheets.

We plan to stick to that recipe for 2017 as well. Content takes time to produce results but it is a better and more valuable investment through time, especially when compared with alternatives, like conferences.


Contrary to the common belief, the world is becoming a better place for the majority of its inhabitants. It takes time and our way forward is not always straight but still, we manage to progress. Learning has to play a crucial role in improving the lives of the many. And as a company, we feel we have to play a small, hopefully positive, role in this process.

We certainly hope to have played a positive role in the lives of the thousands that trusted us during the last year.

A special thank you for the vote of confidence and happy 2017!

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