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How to best utilize video in e-Learning

Faster internet connections and the increasing use of mobile phones and tablets with video capabilities means that using video in the e-learning process has become commonplace.

How to best utilize video in e-Learning - eLEARNING 101: CONCEPTS, TRENDS, APPLICATIONS - TalentLMS eBook

We’re more used to learning via video now than ever before. If you want to watch a video on how to wire a plug, plant a rose bush or bake a cake, you only need to visit YouTube and there will be hundreds of videos available, showing you step-by-step processes you need to follow to complete a task.

Video brings a whole new dimension to teaching methods. If your course content involves a level of practical skill, this can be demonstrated. Whether it’s building a PC or conducting a chemistry experiment, these aspects of the course will most definitely benefit from being seen rather than simply explained in text and static images.

Video also helps to add a feeling of personalization to a course. A video of the tutor giving a lecture helps the students to feel a connection, to put a face to a name.

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