A Franchise LMS to train employees across chain stores

eLearning for Franchising with TalentLMS

Franchising has two main components that make it a perfect fit for eLearning: First, it thrives on geographical dispersion, the more franchisees the better; and it's based on teaching and replicating the same values, procedures and requirements as the parent company.

How eLearning can spread the Franchise core values

The Franchise sector operates on a scale. Successful franchises have tens to tens of thousands of partners (McDonalds, for example, has 37,300 partners worldwide), and hundreds of thousands of employees to train in different stores, cities and even countries.

In the Franchising industry, training begins with the coaching of franchisees to the parent company's standards and operating procedures, all the way to employee onboarding and training. eLearning can help Franchising businesses address all their training needs as well as those of their partner network and save money, time, and effort.

  • It scales to hundreds of thousands of learners
  • It caters to employees residing in different stores, branches, cities, countries and time zones
  • It serves the same standardized material to all franchisees and employees
  • It's able to respond quickly to new training demands
  • It provides tools to help franchisers assess its effectiveness
  • It's cost effective and has a high return of investment

LMS features responding to the Franchising Sector's needs

  1. 1
    Scalable and cost-effective: Franchise chains maintain numerous stores and facilities across many cities, states and even countries. With eLearning they can use a single, low cost LMS installation to train all of their partners and employees.
  2. 2
    The Franchise industry is based on standardization, with the partners being contractually obligated to follow the operating procedures and other demands of the franchisor. eLearning lets them easily serve the same material in a centrally managed way.
  3. 3
    A learning management system frees franchise partners and their employees from having to follow the rigid schedules of classroom-based courses, giving them the flexibility to study at their own pace. It is extremely liberating for the learners and minimizes costly business downtime.
  4. 4
    TalentLMS enables managers and instructors to create new online training material effortlessly and to deploy new training courses as fast as the need arises, whether to introduce new products and services across the whole chain, or to inform partners about the latest policies.

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