Offer a complete training program to every agent with a top real estate LMS

Empower agents to stand out from the competition with hard and soft skills training. With top real estate training software you can build courses tailored to your sector, keep your people up to date on the latest market trends and relevant laws, and watch your team close more deals, all in less time.

One platform for all your knowledge

Sales skills, communication, marketing, zoning laws, legal processes — the list of skills and knowledge your agents need to have is endless. Organize your courses and knowledge base in one place where agents can access what they need, at the moment they need it. No more “Where is it’s” and “I can’t find it’s”.

Encourage continuous learning

Training shouldn’t only happen when it’s time for your agents to renew their licenses. With a real estate LMS that makes it easy for your team to always be learning, your people can make training a habit, instead of a once in a while occurrence.

Your training, delivered your way

Whether you need to deliver face-to-face training, self-paced learning, or both, TalentLMS is the real estate learning management system that lets you do it all. No matter the distance, your team is just a few clicks away.

Support your whole team

From agents, to receptionists, to finance and administrative staff, you can offer role-specific training to every member of your team. TalentLMS makes it easy to organize and share each piece of your training with the relevant learner, all from a single platform.

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What success sounds like

TalentLMS is an easy to use platform for creating meaningful employee training programs.User review from G2|g2@2x

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