Supply Chain and warehousing Learning Management System

Optimize training with supply chain elearning

Eliminate bottlenecks in your workflow by providing your team with supply chain management elearning. Create courses tailored to your sector and help your team accelerate the delivery of products.

Why an LMS is the strongest link in Supply Chain

When recollecting all of the fanfare regarding Steve Jobs, Apple owes at least half of its success to Tim Cook's genius Supply Chain management as COO and SVP of Operations. Or take businesses like Amazon, Walmart, and Costco and co, who are all about logistics on the largest scale imaginable.

Along with top operations executives, modern businesses also need to have qualified managers and employees. Not to mention data-driven logistics, which requires employees to be able to talk “big data”. Enter eLearning to solve both issues.

  • Scales to thousands of employees
  • It caters to learners in different branches, cities, and countries
  • It provides the same standardized material to all learners
  • It responds quickly to new training demands
  • It offers tools to help assess its own effectiveness
  • It is by far the most cost effective training option available

Key features to meet all of your Supply Chain training needs

  1. 1
    A single LMS installation is scalable from ten to tens of thousands of employees, giving access to distribute the same, centrally produced material to all, as well as the option for local customizations to cater to specific markets.
  2. 2
    In this age of accelerated production, where products and supply demands change faster than clothing fashion, eLearning enables instructors to create new training material quickly and effortlessly, enabling them to deploy new courses as fast as the need arises.
  3. 3
    eLearning also gives great flexibility to your Supply Chain managers and employees in their training. Learners study at their own pace, outside of time-consuming physical classes, on the go. This option is ideal for employees who spend most of their day in meetings.
  4. 4
    The logistics industry needs to be able to train a vast variety of people from different backgrounds to the same high standards, ensuring compliancy regarding safety and security. An LMS is the ideal means to achieve verifiable training for your people.

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