Anti-Bribery Practices


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Course overview

Bribery is a term you’re likely to associate with those classic black-and-white mobster films, right? But when applied to our modern lives, it’s actually a term that businesses need to be familiar with, too.

Bribery in the workplace involves an employee or associated person accepting or issuing a bribe in order to gain a business advantage for either themselves or their organization. It’s more common than you might think and can be used by individuals to achieve targets and business deals which they might not be able to achieve through normal business conduct. For example, an employee might issue a bribe to another member of staff in order to gain a promotion there weren’t legitimately in the running for.

In actuality, anti-bribery compliance makes up an important part of a company’s protocol. But to avoid liability, companies worldwide must implement adequate measures.

What's covered

What bribery means, including who can be responsible

How to spot the signs that bribery might be taking place

How to reduce the risk of bribery and corruption in the workplace

Why your teams need this course

Bribery is an illegal and unethical practice that could pose a serious risk to your organization, so it’s essential to have the right training in place. This course is for business professionals in any industry who want to promote a fair and safe environment for their workforce. It will ensure staff can identify potential bribery situations and follow correct procedures to demonstrate compliance.

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