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Course overview

In business, it’s important to do things by the book. But sometimes, corruption can find a way to sneak in through the back door and ruin everything. Unfortunately, there are many different types of corruption that can cause severe problems for a business and bring a brand into question, which can affect everyone in the company in a negative way. Corruption is a serious problem. Everyone should be able to recognise corruption so we can all start to tackle it.

There are many ways your employees can identify when corruption may be a problem inside your workplace, and also steps they, personally, can take to prevent it from happening in their role. This course will help your employees to combat corruption and have a plan in place to help protect the business.

What's covered

The different types of potential corruption within an organization

How to minimize the risks of corruption within your team

How to carry out effective risk assessments in your role to safeguard and promote transparency

Why your teams need this course

This course is for businesses, employees, or anyone working on behalf of an organization that wants to take steps to prevent corruption. It'll help them become aware of the different types of corruption and show them how an effective risk-assessment plan can make all the difference.

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