Basic Respiratory Protection


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Course overview

Even though breathing correctly is vital, it isn’t something people typically think of often. But when it comes to certain occupations, workers can face serious breathing dangers.

Without the right equipment, working in environments with insufficient oxygen can be deadly. So, OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, have detailed requirements that companies must follow to be compliant. But what are the regulations, and how can you ensure the safety of employees, whatever the oxygen levels? This course will help you and your managers understand that.

What's covered

The circumstances in which respiratory protection for employees is necessary

How to identify the most appropriate type of respirator for a job

Best-practice advice to help design a respiratory protection program

Why your teams need this course

Making sure your employees can breathe freely, whatever job they’re undertaking, is vital for protecting them from serious harm. For managers, leaders, and H&S personnel, this course will explain the OSHA regulations surrounding respiratory equipment, and how to create a respiratory protection program.

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