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A strong brand relies on many factors to promote its values and ideas. If you were asked to draw the logo for Apple, Nike, or McDonald’s from memory, you’d find it pretty easy, right? And you could probably also name some famous “fans” who have helped promote those brands. These “brand ambassadors” play a crucial role in helping enterprises increase the size of their target audience.

In the social media age, EVERY customer can become a brand ambassador, regardless of their level of fame. And no matter how big or small the company, having people promoting your products will certainly help your business.

What's covered

Why brand ambassadors are important in today’s world

The role of brand ambassadors in marketing

How to choose the correct ambassador for your brand

How to establish a brand ambassador program

brand ambassadors online training course

Why your teams need this course

Society demands that everything be accessible, recognizable, and relatable. If you’re in business, using a brand ambassador can help you achieve all of these, as long as you get it right! This course will help you discover how to use a brand ambassador to give your company a familiar face, and how to establish an ambassador program that can grow the face of your company.

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