Business Model Innovation


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Course overview

Renting a movie from a store used to be one of the best ways to start off a night on the couch. There were rental stores in every city, offering great movies and enhancing the cinematic experience with popcorn and soda. But, as tech changed, those stores were all gone. They just didn’t innovate and change their business model.

On the flipside, there were some success stories, too. A popular provider of streaming services these days began as a movie rental-by-mail service. A shift in business models saw their subscriber numbers skyrocket. Having this ability to understand the shift in business-model innovation is crucial for your company, too. This course is designed to help you adapt the business model or create new ones for long-term success.

What's covered

The importance of innovating business models

The impact of business model innovation

Key strategies to accelerate transformation

Why your teams need this course

Taking this course will give your managers and team leaders a solid grasp of business model innovation and the skills needed to drive positive change within the organization. They’ll be better equipped to navigate the evolving business landscape, respond to disruption, and identify opportunities for growth and success.

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