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Course overview

When customers want help, they want it fast. But without a 24-hour, experienced team of people on hand at all times, this can be challenging to deliver. Luckily, with recent leaps in AI technology, you can now use chatbots to enhance what you already deliver. While chatbots might seem like some scary vision of the future, they’re just another tool for customer service.


Chatbots are designed to sound human and offer support to customers who need it around the clock. They shouldn’t replace your top-notch customer-service team, but they can help support them. Using chatbots can be good for human workloads as well as improving the customer experience. This course will give your managers an introduction.

What's covered

The advantages and limitations of using chatbots for customer service

Best practice guidelines for customizing your customer service chatbot

Different types of chatbots based on the needs of your customers

Why your teams need this course

If you’re looking for ways to give customers a great experience and deliver faster, more efficient support, then chatbots could be the answer. In this course your managers will learn about the advantages and limitations of using chatbots for customer service, some best practice guidelines for customizing the customer service chatbot, and how to categorize the different types of chatbots based on the needs of your customers.

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