Driving Innovation


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Course overview

Innovation is everywhere. Whether it’s advancement in tech or private companies achieving the first manned commercial spaceflight to the International Space Station. But in fact, these are only the “end product.” Innovation is the actual process that unearths better solutions to problems and makes improvements to suit ever-changing needs.

Driving innovation is about steering the processes and practices of an organization as a whole. This creates a “thinking outside the box” mindset at every level, and keeps businesses building and growing.

What's covered

What is “Intrapreneurship”

How to create an innovation strategy

How to use techniques to encourage innovation at every level of your organization

driving Innovation online training course

Why your teams need this course

In business, innovation is a survival tool. By constantly innovating, companies can stay ahead of the curve, align with the needs of the customer, and buck any negative market trends. If you’re a leader or manager, driving innovation begins with you. By creating an innovation strategy and actively encouraging staff to be intrapreneurs, you can unlock potential at every level of your business. This course will guide you through creating your strategy and give you tips and advice on driving innovation from within, in order to boost the success of your organization.