Electrical Safety


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Course overview

Harnessing the power of electricity was arguably the most important technological breakthrough ever made. It sped up the world’s development, making the impossible, possible. Now electricity’s so normal, we often forget it’s even there, powering almost every aspect of our lives. But that also means we often forget just how dangerous a force it is.

Workplace accidents caused by electricity are often very serious. They can lead to damaged property, serious injury, and even death. So, every company in the US needs to observe the rules and regulations for working with or around electricity, set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

What's covered

Common electrical hazards and the risks they pose to employees

Methods to protect both qualified electrical workers and general employees from electrical hazards in your workplace

How to provide the correct electrical protective equipment for employees working with electricity

Why your teams need this course

It’s a leader’s, manager’s, or person’s in charge of health and safety job to protect their employees from harm while they’re at work. This course will explore common workplace electrical hazards and their potential consequences, as well as looking at measures to help your managers protect workers and remain compliant.

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