How to Prepare for a Coaching Session (employee version)


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Course overview

Coaching in the workplace leads to a happier, more engaged work environment and thriving businesses full of talented and motivated people. When employees have regular coaching sessions, they have the opportunity to consistently progress in their career and meet their professional goals.

It’s crucial that employees prepare for a coaching session in advance. Doing so will maximize how valuable the experience will be toward reaching their goals. This course is designed to show your employees how to prepare for those sessions.

What's covered

Practical methods to make the most out of a coaching experience

The role and responsibilities of coachees

How preparing for a coaching session can create a more valuable experience

Why your teams need this course

As an employee, you should always take responsibility for your own learning if you want to make the most of your talents. It’s vital you understand how preparing for a coaching session can create a more valuable experience. During this course, you’ll learn how you can apply different methods to help you make the most out of your coaching experience and explain your roles and responsibilities as a coachee. The course also covers how preparation can benefit your overall experience.

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