Measuring Coaching Performance


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Course overview

Coaching is a method you can use in the workplace to encourage employees to arrive at their own solutions. After coaching your employee, you’re probably eager to arrive at that “aha!” moment, when you realize your employee can put everything into practice that they’ve learned. And you’ll know you’ve made a difference.

Unfortunately, this moment is not always obvious in the workplace. Measuring the effectiveness of coaching performance can be challenging for employers, but it can also add value to your business and employees. Without measuring coaching performance, you won’t know if your coaching is making a significant impact or benefiting your employee.

What's covered

Identifying what a successful coaching experience looks like, so it can be implemented in your business

Different coaching techniques and business metrics

What coaching measurements actually add value, and why

Why your teams need this course

It’s important for anyone who coaches employees to measure their coaching performance to benefit employees’ and business goals. But a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. They’ll need to establish what works for your employees and the business you work for. This course will explain how to measure coaching performance effectively.

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