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Course overview

When thinking about coaching, you may imagine a gym teacher on the basketball court or a therapist helping someone work through a phobia. Although these roles have “coach” in their title, what they’re actually doing is “managing.” They’re helping clients reach a goal by giving them instructions, setting tasks, and offering feedback. 

In the workplace, these tactics push employees in the right direction, but there are more efficient techniques you can use to develop their thinking skills. Coaching employees differs from other managerial behavior. It involves maximizing staff potential by encouraging them to learn, rather than giving them the answer. This allows employees to trust their instinct and come up with solutions, without relying on others for help. 

What's covered

How coaching applies to the workplace

What are the benefits of coaching in leadership

How to coach your team successfully

introduction to coaching online training course

Why your teams need this course

Being in charge all the time and fixing problems for employees means they’ll rely on you for instruction and won’t develop the skills to learn for themselves. Whether you’re a manager or trainer, or simply want to coach those around you, this course will help. It looks at coaching your team to learn, so you improve your employees’ skills and increase their work efficiency.

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