Leading a Customer Service Team for the First Time


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Course overview

Transitions can be tricky to deal with. If your employees are used to working on the frontline of customer service, suddenly having to lead can feel like a big step. After all, they’ve gone from managing just the customers’ needs, to managing everyone’s needs. 

Leading a customer service team for the first time requires a new mindset. Your new leads will still want to give your customers the best service, but the way they’ll do that has changed. Now, things like training teammates, tracking team performance, and coming up with innovative ways to improve service are their priority. This course will give them a head start on those skills.

What's covered

The shift in priorities for your new role

The skills you’ll need to be a successful customer service leader

Key steps to make a smooth transition from team member to team leader

Why your teams need this course

New roles come with new responsibilities. In this course, your team leaders, customer accounts managers, and customer executives, will learn how to identify their new priorities, the skills they’ll need to cultivate as leaders, and some steps to help them make a smooth transition.

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