Learning Culture in the Workplace


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Course overview

Culture. It’s the heart and soul of any successful workforce. But a true “learning culture” isn’t just a buzzword modern companies should throw around to sound good. It’s also not as easy as jazzing up your office décor with a ping pong table, and hoping it motivates your employees from there on in.

Nope, it’s much more than that. A workplace learning culture means an organization that provides many different opportunities to learn, innovate, and grow. It’s a continual process.

Constant learning is the key to a company that thrives because it elevates individuals – as employees and as people. It opens opportunities for them, and their company, to transform continuously for the better.

What's covered

What is a learning culture in the workplace

What are strategies for building a strong culture of learning

How to create the right type of learning culture for your team

learning culture in the workplace online training course

Why your teams need this course

No matter what your industry, there’s no doubt that your employees, your organization, and, ultimately, your bottom line would benefit from a culture in which employees are constantly learning new things, seeking out new opportunities, and developing new skills. Continuous learning not only makes employees knowledgeable about their role, but also teaches them how to enrich their time at work and truly thrive.

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