OKRs and Going Beyond Vanity Metrics


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Course overview

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves. That’s all well and good for a night out, but in a business setting, it might lead to vanity metrics.

Vanity metrics are a way of making a business look good to others, but they can confuse the business’s own understanding of how things are actually going. It’s important to be aware of common vanity metrics and how they can skew your business’s appearance. This course will help you understand vanity metrics.

What's covered

The common drawbacks of vanity metrics

Unhelpful vanity metrics to avoid

3 key steps to identifying the value of a metric

Why your teams need this course

Whether you’re a team leader, a manager, or working at a senior level, you need to be aware of how misleading vanity metrics can be. This course will help you see the drawbacks of vanity metrics, highlight metrics to avoid, and give you a 3-step process to help you weigh up the value of a metric.

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