Running One-to-One Meetings Remotely


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Course overview

Many office staples have been forgotten in the jump to remote working. …Making a pot of coffee for you and your colleagues. …Discussing that series finale in the break room at lunch. Realizing you left a bagel in your desk drawer over the weekend and dreading the smell on Monday morning. Ok, maybe you don’t miss everything.

Of all the things we lose when remote working, a one-to-one with your staff shouldn’t be one of them. They’re vital for checking in and ensuring your workforce is happy and coping well with their work. This course will guide your managers through running remote one-to-ones with your employees, so they feel connected and you know they’re on the right track.

What's covered

The benefits of remote one-to-one meetings with your staff

Common mistakes to avoid when running a remote one-to-one

Tips and strategies to ensure a successful one-to-one with employees

Why your teams need this course

This course is suitable for anyone in a management or leadership position who wants to conduct one-to-one s with their staff remotely. They’ll learn best practices and tips, so meetings are focused and productive when hosted remotely. They’ll also learn what not to do, so they can avoid common mistakes.

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