Preparing for a One-to-One Meeting (Employee)


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Course overview

Don’t you hate it when someone springs something on you that you weren’t expecting? Like when a friend asks you to help them move house and you don’t have an excuse to hand. You knew they were moving – if only you had prepared before you met them. 

Usually, a one-to-one of an employee with their boss won’t require lugging boxes, but if they aren’t prepared they can easily get thrown by their questions. Preparing beforehand means they can stay focused on the subject at hand while asking important questions. This course will help your staff prepare for their next one-to-one with their manager, so they can get the most out of it.

What's covered

The benefits you can get out of a one-to-one

What to prepare before a one-to-one meeting

Why your teams need this course

A one-to-one can be daunting as an employee. This course will help them alleviate their worries by taking them through useful things to prepare ahead of time. Suitable for everyone, it’ll help them get the most out of a one-to-one meeting and feel confident the next time they sit down with their boss.