Safety Audits


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Course overview

Employee safety is a top priority in every workplace, because employees are a vital part of the company’s success. So, making sure they’re healthy, and not at risk, helps to create a constant, smooth operation. You might have the most robust health and safety policies and procedures in the world. But how can you be sure they’re always relevant and working as they should?

Well, the answer to that is safety audits. They’re a vital part of making sure health and safety policies and procedures cover everything they need to. And they help companies stay compliant with OSHA standards. But what makes a good safety audit, and how can you use them to inform change?

What's covered

The business leader’s responsibility as it relates to safety audits

The components needed for a comprehensive safety audit

Analyzing the safety-audit results to pinpoint areas of improvement, any missing documentation, or policies in need of updates

Why your teams need this course

Managers, leaders, and health and safety managers need to make sure safety audits are carried out, to comply with regulations and maintain employee safety. This course will look at your managers’ responsibilities, what needs to be included in a comprehensive safety audit, and how to use audit results to make improvements.

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