Strategic Leadership and Strategy Success


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Course overview

Strategic leadership involves using your problem-solving skills and strategic vision to help team members achieve organizational goals. To drive organizational success, strategic leaders focus on understanding the situation, considering different options, and making decisions that benefit team members.

By utilizing strategic leadership, your managers can develop a vision for the organization that enables it to adapt to economic and industry trends. Strategic leaders must then put this vision into action through various strategic leadership tactics – such as mapping out appropriate stages – to help employees reach their goals. This vision can then be used to motivate employees, encouraging productivity and fostering a sense of unity to implement change within the organization.

What's covered

What strategic leadership looks like in practice

The characteristics of strategic leaders and how those qualities optimize organizational structure

Strategic leadership tactics

Why your teams need this course

By utilizing strategic leadership, your managers can understand the organization’s mission and create a strategy focused on achieving this mission. They can also advocate for and engage with employees. Suitable for business leaders, team leaders, and managers, this course will help them define what strategic leadership looks like in practice.

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