The Power of Self-Reflection


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Course overview

Have you ever stopped and looked in the mirror to see what you really look like? Not just a quick glance to make sure everything’s still in the right place. But a real close look at your features, like the shape of your eyebrows, the exact color of your eyes, or the size of your nose. 

Well, self-reflection is kind of like that, but on the inside. It involves paying close attention to yourself and thinking about your thoughts, beliefs, ways of working, and behaviors. You might be surprised at what you see. You may also be surprised at how much your skills and abilities can be improved by a little self-reflection. This course will explain everything.

What's covered

The personal benefits of self-reflection

The practical benefits of self-reflection

The main methods of self-reflection

Why your teams need this course

Everyone can benefit from a little self-reflection, no matter what they hope to gain from it. This course will show everyone the personal benefits of self-reflection, how these can apply to real-world situations, and a few key ways people can effectively reflect on themselves.