What is a Digital Transformation Strategy?


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Course overview

From buying online with a single click to telling your smart speaker to play your favorite cheesy love song, technology is super useful. But what if you work in an organization that’s getting left behind in this age of rapid digital transformation? In that case, suddenly, advancements in technology become more of a problem than a solution.

Thankfully, a tailored Digital Transformation Strategy can help an organization and the individuals who work within it keep or gain a competitive edge in their field. It can help a business strategically position itself within an ever-changing digital landscape, allowing it to change, improve, and avoid costly and time-consuming pitfalls.

What's covered

What Digital Transformation Strategy is

The components of a successful Digital Transformation Strategy

Potential issues around launching a Digital Transformation Strategy

Why your teams need this course

Tech is a vital component of any modern business, so it’s essential to keep up with the pace of digital transformation. Unfortunately, developing an incorrect Digital Transformation Strategy can be worse than doing nothing at all. This course will help avoid that situation and is useful for anyone wanting to use ongoing advancements in tech to their advantage.

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