What is Digital Transformation?


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Course overview

It’s hard to imagine life before computers and the internet. Back when these technologies were first introduced, many people were sceptical. We don’t always like change. But in the workplace, being slow to adopt new technologies can quickly lead to businesses becoming irrelevant.

Digital transformation means updating and adapting your business practices to keep up with new technologies. This increases efficiency because you won’t be relying on those slower, outdated methods. Businesses must adapt to survive, and that starts with digital transformation. This course will show you where to start.

What's covered

How digital transformation works

The benefits of digital transformation

The 4 types of digital transformation

Why your teams need this course

A willingness to adapt is a key component of success, which means digital transformation is essential for every business. Whether you’re a business owner or a leader, this course will increase your understanding of how to implement digital transformation and help your business on its way to being future-proof.

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