Digital Disruption


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Course overview

Digital disruption. It’s one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around so often it starts to lose meaning. Put simply, this term explains why renting a DVD or flicking through a phone book can feel hopelessly outdated. But what exactly does it have to do with you?

If a technology significantly alters the way you operate, it’s considered “disruptive.” And with technology improving all the time, businesses that disrupt are the ones that stay on top. This kind of change can affect employees at any level by automating or simplifying some of their responsibilities. So it helps to know how everyone might need to adapt in their role.

What's covered

Why digital disruption is a positive step

The challenges associated with digital disruption

How to apply digital disruption techniques at every level

Why your teams need this course

Thanks to digital transformation, the workplace is an ever-changing landscape. It’s a people-oriented process, meaning all employees are at the heart of change in the workplace. By taking this course, everyone will learn why digital disruption brings positive change and how it can help you to stay future-proof.

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