Workstation Ergonomics


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Course overview

Whether you love your job or not, you’ll likely have to sit at your desk for 8 hours a day (or maybe more). Sitting in one position for extended periods of time can have harmful effects on your body, so you’ll need to make sure your workstation is set up correctly.

There are easy ways to achieve thissimple things that you probably haven’t thought about. And, since people have varying heights and body types and therefore different requirements, there shouldn’t be a ‘standard’ setup.

What's covered

What injuries a poorly set up workstation can cause

The benefits of implementing good ergonomics

How to set up your workstation correctly for YOU

workstation ergonomics online training course

Why your teams need this course

You don’t have to be a nine-to-fiver in an office to benefit from the information shared in this course. Whether you work on a factory floor or from home, you’ll likely have some sort of base in which you spend most of your time. This course will help keep you as comfortable and injury-free as possible when you’re at your place of work.

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