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Create online courses with the easiest-to-use learning platform TalentLMS makes creating, administering, and taking courses an effortless experience.

We needed a platform that was ready for deployment, rather than building something from scratch. Within a week, we had TalentLMS up and running and developed about 10 courses.

Corin Birchall, VP Of Global Retail Operations @ Roland

Organizations around the world trust online training on TalentLMS

Create courses with ease and start growing your teams

Easily create online courses

You don’t need to be a tech wiz to use TalentLMS’s course editor. Get your courses up and running in just a few clicks. Either create courses from scratch or use the simple drag and drop feature.

Put pesky tasks on autopilot

Manage your learning portal without the hassle. Automate repetitive tasks and reclaim your time from learning programs that need nonstop administration. Free up time to support learning goals while the cogs keep turning.

Track and report on learning

Know what’s going on in your training portal at a glance with real-time tracking and visualizations. Or, schedule reports to drop into your inbox at regular intervals. Now, you can spot problems and stay clued up so your teams stay on track.

Engage your learners

Create online courses and great learning experiences with TalentLMS. A simple, intuitive interface means your learners won’t have to battle the platform to connect with their training. With TalentLMS, learning isn’t a chore.

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