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Why you should choose an online lifelong training platform

An online lifelong training platform makes the development, delivery, and management of a continuing training program simpler. And they’re purposefully built for training and business success.

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, an online training management system or learning management system (LMS) has many advantages over traditional classroom-based training.

  • Reduces training costs

    By using a lifelong training platform, costs will decrease dramatically as online delivery incurs no costs for renting physical space, travel expenses, or other equipment

  • Simplifies delivery

    With potentially hundreds of courses in lifelong training programs, online learning management systems, like lifelong training software, make delivery easy and accessible to all learners.

  • Offers location-independent training

    Employees may have the interest but not the time to pursue ongoing training. A lifelong training platform is always available giving learners the freedom to study whenever they have spare time and from wherever they want, even offline and on the go.

  • Promotes engagement

    One of the advantages of using lifelong training platforms is that they improve engagement as well as completion rates. The right lifelong training LMS will have features that help development teams create compelling content as well as features that motivate learners. Like, gamification capabilities, modern design and a mobile app.

Fire up your online lifelong training with TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a learning management system engineered to help organizations deliver effective online lifelong training. It’s also the only lifelong training software at a reassuringly fair price with features ideal for creating, delivering and managing ongoing training in the workplace.

You'll love using these features:

  • Powerful content-builder

    TalentLMS’ makes developing continuing training courses simpler. The powerful content-builder supports a wide range of formats making it easier to create compelling courses.

  • Supports collaboration

    With TalentLMS’ content tools, you can co-create courses with all the people on your training team cutting down on development time.

  • Comprehensive report engine

    TalentLMS’ report engine is expertly engineered to track performance over time. Customized reports capture the information you need to fine-tune your courses.

  • Engaging gamification

    TalentLMS’ gamification engine creates a fun learning environment for lifelong training. By activating points, badges and leaderboards, engagement and completion rates increase.

  • Effective continuing training methods

    TalentLMS supports blended learning so that your employees get the best of both worlds. Combine online training with instructor-led training (classroom-based or teleconferencing) to further engage all learners.

  • Extensive assessments

    TalentLMS supports quizzes, tests and an assortment of other assessment types that make it easy to evaluate learners in the appropriate way.

  • Impressive customizations

    Create an integrated branded learning hub with TalentLMS’ design tools that let you customize everything from color schemes to unique homepages for your lifelong training programs.

  • Learning-on-the-go

    To boost engagement, TalentLMS comes complete with native mobile apps (For iOS and Android) so that employees can actively participate in lifelong training courses whenever and from wherever they are.

  • Hassle-free administration

    Lifelong training programs need continuing training solutions that make a difference to day-to-day management. TalentLMS takes administrative tasks and automates them with features like Single Sign-On and integrations with your favorite software.

  • Cost-effective flexibility

    TalentLMS can accommodate any number of users, and only asks you to pay for your active learners. This continuing employee learning solution allows enterprises to keep accounts open even while users are between courses and might take months or years to become active again.

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What does lifelong learning mean in a business environment?

The concept of lifelong training in the workplace refers to the constant process of learning and developing professional skills. Gone is the old notion that education ends with a primary or tertiary education.

In today’s corporate world, learning is a lifelong process. And successful businesses encourage and nurture an environment of professional development. Lifelong learning, in a business setting, is also commonly referred to as ongoing training or continuing training.

Essential lifelong training examples in the workplace

Lifelong training skills are often split into hard and soft skills -and both are equally important when implementing a continuing learning solution. By adopting a lifelong training approach with both types of skills, you can can boost motivation, productivity and innovation.

  • Hard skills in the workplace

    Hard skills are skills that are acquired through some kind of formal education, training course or certification program.They focus on providing ongoing training centered on a particular subject matter (e.g. providing continuing professional education for doctors or lawyers and keeping them up to date with the latest developments in their fields). Often those types of re-education and/or periodic re-evaluation programs are mandated by law or industry rules.

  • Soft skills in the workplace

    Soft skills, on the other hand, are skills relating to personal and interpersonal development. Training programs offer a variety of courses like time management skills, problem-solving, stress management skills and leadership skills. These kinds of skills create a more harmonious working environment and set up employees for better career prospects.

The powerful benefits of ongoing training in the workplace

Successful organizations understand the importance of continuing education. They know that these types of programs benefit on an individual level and a business level. By implementing an ongoing learning solution, your business will:

  • Raise employee productivity

    One of the benefits of lifelong training is that employees stay up to date with new technologies and workflows. This boosts productivity, which in turn, creates a more responsive workforce.

  • Improve employee retention

    Ongoing training for employees creates more knowledgeable and confident employees. This improves their long-term career prospects and job satisfaction. These factors improve employee retention rates.

  • Boost employee engagement

    A continuing training program prevents employees from boredom and stagnation. So, the importance of lifelong training is that it raises motivation, loyalty and satisfaction which are proven drivers of employee engagement.

  • Attract high-performing candidates

    Adopting a lifelong training approach in business can act as an effective recruitment tool. High-value candidates, the kind you want in your organization, expect an ongoing training program.

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