TalentLMS Overview: Take a Tour & Explore the Best Cloud LMS

Bring your courses to life

Build beautiful courses with extensive learning attributes, fast!


Reuse content from everywhere

Create stunning courses with any and pretty much every multimedia element you want. With additional support for SCORM and xAPI, the industry standards in content interoperability, the experience you can offer is limited by your imagination only.

Assess your training

Tests make it easy to evaluate what people learned and ensure critical knowledge is properly disseminated in your organization. With support for multiple question types and a variety of test characteristics the assessment engine will keep you covered.

Blend your training

Combine eLearning and Instructor-led training in any way you see fit. ΤalentLMS will help you organize real-world events either in the classroom or via videoconference. Read more

Build and organize everything, easy

TalentLMS comes with a super-easy course management interface. Quickly add and re-order your content, build learning paths, manage users and view course reports from one centralized screen.

Deliver courses in style

From mobile learning to compliance training, TalentLMS is versatile and powerful


Deliver across any device

With a fluid interface, TalentLMS offers the same experience across all devices, from desktops to tablets and modern mobile devices. Native apps for iPhone & iPad are also available.

Gamify the learning experience

Entice learners with built-in gamification elements and instill a spirit of friendly competition to boost retention and completion rates. TalentLMS comes with support for Badges, Points, Levels, Rewards and a Gamification Engine to customize the experience to your needs. Read more

Build and issue branded certifications

Build and issue branded certifications. Support various compliancy scenarios that require re-certifications on predefined intervals.

Meet via videoconference

With a powerful embedded videoconference system, TalentLMS covers your meeting needs out-of-the box. If you require something more powerful, the integration with GoToMeeting and GoToConference is also an option.

Scalable based on your needs

From small teams to large enterprises, TalentLMS covers your unique needs


Report about everything

Monitor everything that matters with a variety of pre-made reporting dashboards. Build your custom reports to drill down to details. Schedule your reports and have them delivered to your email. Read more

Segment your learning environment

Create entirely separate nodes for your teams, complete with their own courses, users and branding, URL, even language and time zone using the Branches feature. TalentLMS has a knack for going as small or as big as you need it to go.

Build custom roles and permissions

Use custom user-types to determine the level of access users have to your organization's data. TalentLMS lets you control access on such a fine-grained level that it can even cover edge use-cases.

Integrate with everything

TalentLMS works smoothly with more than 200 systems from Salesforce and Shopify to Mailchimp and Zendesk. We love exchanging data with other systems....literally! Read more

Customize to the max

White-label your learning solution to great depth


Your theme

Enhance your company’s brand by building a theme that conveys your own personality and style. TalentLMS lets you customize colors and fonts by using a friendly user interface. You can also dive into details by adding your custom CSS and JavaScript. Read more

Your domain

Each learning portal comes with its own unique TalentLMS subdomain; this is your home. You can further white-label it by mapping a URL of your own.

Your homepage

Create a beautiful, custom home page with a simple integrated authoring tool that is readily available within your portal.

Your branded communication emails

Send custom email notifications with the exact tone-of-voice you worked so hard to build and for the events you care about.

And so much more

TalentLMS has many more useful features that make it shine as the most intuitive and easy-to-use LMS.

Train your people. Measure results. Drive growth.

TalentLMS gives you the tools to supercharge every step of your training.

TalentLMS is free to use for as long as you want. You can always upgrade to a paid plan to access even greater features.