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TalentLMS+ Learner Beta

Duration: 30min

Hosted by

  • Theo Panaritis your host

    Theo Panaritis

    Education Community Trainer,

  • Mary Logotheti

    Mary Logotheti

    Customer Education Manager,

  • Elli Skendrou

    Senior Product Manager, TalentLMS

As part of our Mastering TalentLMS webinar series, created to give you your best shot at training success, this session will give you all the insights on TalentLMS fresher and more modern interface: TalentLMS+ Beta.

Specifically, our speakers will:

  • Explain what TalentLMS+ is

  • Give you a look at TalentLMS+ Learner Beta

  • Discuss the next steps for TalentLMS+

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