When others review and talk about TalentLMS

When others review and talk about TalentLMSThorough 3rd party reviews for Apps like TalentLMS are always very useful. They work as excellent feedback, a great chance to see what others think about your software and an even greater opportunity to re-evaluate specific features.

Recently, two App reviewing websites turned their focus on TalentLMS examining and evaluating its functionality and usefulness. One review was from the educator’s point of view, whereas the other focused completely on TalentLMS as a staff training platform for small businesses.

It is indeed a profound experience to know that someone is reviewing your product. A big smile is the result when we see that reviews are highly positive.

TalentLMS review @GetApp

GetApp is a popular learning center reviewing cloud based business Apps. The review was published on December 12, 2012, written by Stephanie Watson.

We are more than happy to see that Stephanie (herself a very experienced editor and the owner of a publishing company) made an in-depth analysis of TalentLMS, ideally focusing on all important aspects.

In brief, Staphanie found it quite easy to Import course information, build a course, customize it and track students. She acknowledged the fact that TalentLMS works fine on mobile devices, as it is clear that many students use them. Also, she made very positive remarks on the simplicity and the efficiency of TalentLMS and underlined the Support features available to all kinds of users (i.e. video tutorials, FAQ’s, Knowledge Base plus online help).

You can read the full article here.


TalentLMS review @Feedmyapp

Feedmyapp suggests itself as a “web & mobile app review”. Their review (on January 11th 2013) focused more on the solutions TalentLMS is offering to small businesses for staff training, underlining the fact that low budget companies can now enjoy a personnel training service they could not afford a few years ago.

The editor mentioned clearly that TalentLMS has an emphasis on usability and easy course creation and execution. As it is written in the review “You can build online training courses for your staff in minutes…and use any amount of multimedia to get your message across”.

We very much like the title of the review (“Train your small business like the big boys”).

Click here to read the whole interesting review.


We find reviews extremely useful because they help us not only to spread the word about TalentLMS but also find flaws and features that people really need and implement them. If you’re running an eLearning blog or portal, we’d love to hear from you and give you access to our platform in order to do a thorough evaluation and do your own review on your website. We’re a contact form away!

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