Why is a training LMS necessary for business success?
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Why is a training LMS necessary for business success?

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While online learning has taken the world by storm, some businesses weigh the pros and cons of investing in an online learning strategy. And although the training LMS industry has grown significantly when learning from home boomed last year, teams of all sizes are still wondering why training with a learning management system can lead to business success.

It’s true that, in a first look, eLearning appears to be something that only big corporations with thousands of employees need. But the truth is that the benefits of online employee training do not have to do with business size, headcount, or the industry.

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So, let’s take a look at why a training LMS can help you reach business success faster:

1. Time is money

In today’s knowledge economy, where time to market is everything, online learning came out as a faster and more effective business training method compared to traditional offline, classroom-based training.

Because online training can be offered at the most convenient time for each learner, it helps businesses minimize training-related disruptions to their daily workflows.

When, for example, workload increases or some important business deadline looms, your training schedule should change to accommodate your business needs. With conventional seminars, this can be a real hassle. But with online learning, it’s as easy as pie.

TalentLMS gives you all the tools you need to create online courses and implement an on-demand learning experience, as well as tools that allow employees the freedom to study at their own pace, from any place, any time. And with the TalentLMS mobile applications (available for iOS and Android), this freedom extends to learning on the go – whether on commute or a flight to some business meeting.

2. Money is money

Traditional, classroom-based learning incurs high costs that aren’t very amenable to economies of scale, from renting a venue to printing out leaflets and hiring instructors.

That’s why, whether you’re a small, medium, or large company, online learning can help you cut down on your training costs. And TalentLMS, specifically, respects your investment so you can welcome a positive ROI in just ten months:



3. A training LMS is easier to manage

Suppose your company is of a certain size and above, and you have ever tried to organize a traditional in-person training program (especially one involving multiple departments and or facilities). In that case, you probably already know how easy it is for it to turn into a logistical nightmare.

With online learning, not so much.

With a training LMS, you can have complete oversight over all of your training programs: from course design to employee registration and from course attendance reports to learner performance statistics.

4. Perfect for employee onboarding

For many companies, onboarding new hires is an ad-hoc mess.

And yet, proper employee onboarding can increase productivity and minimize employee turnover rate. Plus, with today’s demanding compliance rules and employee certification laws, a fully compliant orientation course can be quite complicated to design and execute.

Unless if you offer your onboarding training with an online training LMS platform.

An LMS will help you write original orientation material, incorporate existing content (from Word documents and PDFs to video and presentations), and even directly access professional, ready-made online employee training courses. What’s more, you’ll be able to adapt, improve, and re-use the same courses again and again for each new generation of hires.

Why a Training LMS Is Necessary for Business Success

5. Knowledge retention

Another unsung benefit of eLearning is, of course, knowledge retention.

No matter the term’s fanciness, the idea is quite simple. With so many processes, steps, tips, and tricks needed for your company’s day-to-day operation, plenty of tasks can fall through the cracks.

If your business is like most companies, those top-level tasks are handled by a handful of employees, with parts of them frequently only known to some single senior employee. This means that if that employee ever leaves your team, there will be some disruption to your business while somebody else picks up their tasks.

A training LMS can help you keep all that knowledge in the company by providing an easy way to transfer employee knowledge (including all that valuable on-the-job experience) into a central repository, formalize it, and use it to educate your team.

Of course, this requires some effort since you have to document any non-standard domain knowledge experienced employees have acquired over the years and procedures they’ve discovered to get the job done faster and better.

What you get out of this, though, will be worth it. And not just for knowledge retention, but also because formalizing how your company and employees operate will also allow you to rethink your company’s processes, discard some deprecated procedures, and improve others.

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6. It grows with you

Whether you are a small local company or a large multinational enterprise, online learning can both accommodate your needs today and scale to meet your future needs. After all, a small business doesn’t stay small forever.

As your company grows, your LMS will grow in accordance with it and will pay for itself many times over. And remember, growing implies hiring new people who will need both onboarding and training for their new roles.

As for larger businesses, they continually expand to new markets, open new facilities, and diversify into various industries. Those things are par for the course if you want to stay competitive. With a cloud-based training LMS, like TalentLMS, there are no large upfront costs or restricting fine-print: you only pay for as many employees you need to train, and you can switch to a larger plan when you’re ready to train more.

As your company scales, you might also want to use HR or employee development software. In that case, it’s good to pick an LMS that allows for integrations so you can share data between the two platforms easily.

7. It’s not that big a decision

One thing that kept businesses from adopting online learning in the past was that a corporate LMS used to cost serious coin and often needed a dedicated IT department to set it up and keep it running.

Nowadays, deploying your own corporate training program can be as simple as signing up for a new Facebook account.

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What’s more, testing how a training LMS can work for you doesn’t have to come with time-limited trials to incentivize you to pay for the full version.

Go with a free LMS account, take your time, and see how the platform works. When you’re ready to grow, you can always upgrade to a plan tailored to your needs and turn your test drive into a drive to success!

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